• Publication date: January 13, 2010

The right temptation The right temptation

Years ago Derian McCall was a top police detective but when she foolishly ...

Years ago Derian McCall was a top police detective but when she foolishly had a fling with a suspect while working undercover the situation ended disastrously. Now she is an ace private detective, despite being susceptible to her own desires and third-party manipulation. Derian is continuously haunted by her past, yet for some reason fails to learn from her mistakes. A woman named Anthea Farrow-Smith visits the agency Derian works for, and specifically requests the assistance of a female detective. Derian is assigned to the case, and learns that her new client suspects her husband of adultery. Per request, DeMornay’s character trails Dana’s husband, Michael, and investigates his alleged business appointments. It turns out that Michael is completely honest about his whereabouts, and he has never cheated on Anthea. Still, his wife is not satisfied, and asks Derian to flirt with Michael in an attempt to test his loyalty. Reluctantly, especially given her past, the investigator engages in an innuendo-laced game of racquetball with the businessman. Again, he is completely unresponsive to her advances. Derian returns her findings to Anthea, who once again pleads with the detective to seduce her husband. This time she is successful, and later that night goes so far as to sleep with Michael. When Derian informs her client of the previous night’s events, Anthea is only slightly peeved that McCall slept with her husband, but not particularly. Believing that her work is done, Derian attempts to end her relationship with both Michael and his wife. Unfortunately Anthea will not allow that though, and now claims that she fears her husband is amongst shady, criminally involved company. Against both her own instincts and past experiences, Derian continues following Michael – and also sleeping with him. Just when she is ready to steal him away from Anthea, however, a surprise twist occurs that sends the sleuth into a whirlwind of danger. Rating: Rated R for violence, explicit language, and sexuality.