• Publication date: August 19, 2012

The Wedding Weekend

When it’s time for Greg to tie the knot, his college best friends decide to come back and reunite their a cappella band from their college heyday. A musical comedy about seven guys who reunite at a point where they're all living midlife crises.

  • Publication date: August 19, 2012

The Wedding Weekend

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2006

MBC Max:

October 18, 2012 00:45 (KSA) ~ October 17, 2012 23:45 (CLT)

A group of seven guys who graduated from college together fifteen years ago are reunited for their best friend’s wedding in Long Island. Struck by the realization of how their lives had changed over the years, the group decides to resurrect their a cappella band from back in the day. All are facing some kind of midlife crisis: (David Harbour) is an office technician who frets about his age, (Reg Rogers) now a lawyer who got divorced bemoans his singlehood; a money manager (Alexander Chaplin) is fearful for his marriage after getting fired, other crises include receding hairlines, career disappointments and wandering-eye syndrome. Over the course of the weekend, the group find themselves engaged in a bar fight, a playful skinny dipping session, a near-death experience, and an outrageous sex fantasy, as they start to accept that now is the time for them to mature.


  • David Harbour 
  • Reg Rogers
  • Alexander Chaplin
  • Chris Bowers
  • David Basche

Directed by:  Bruce Leddy

Rating:  R for sexual content and language.