• Publication date: January 24, 2012

The Touch

A desperate victim of domestic violence finds her life transformed after turning to a women's shelter in this inspirational drama based on a true story.

  • Publication date: January 24, 2012

The Touch

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2005

MBC Max:

January 31, 2012 07:30 (KSA) ~ January 31, 2012 06:30 (CLT)

Life has not been kind to Hannah More. Ever since she just was a little girl, she has suffered the heavy hand of twisted, tyrannical men.

When the pain becomes too much for Hannah to bear, she attempts suicide.

Meanwhile, at a local church, the congregation remains split over the decision to open a women's shelter.

Upon being released from the hospital, Hannah turns to the shelter for help.

With the support of the shelter, Hannah soon gains the confidence and focus needed to turn her life around.

As a result, the members of the congregation who were previously opposed to the shelter begin to experience a positive transformation as well.

Rating:Rated PG-13 for violence


  • Shauna Bartel
  • Bruce Borgan
  • Kristia Knowles
  • Brooke Newton
  • Nicole Travolta

Directed by:Jimmy Huckaby