• Publication date: July 2, 2011

The Polar Express

On Christmas Eve, a doubting boy boards a magical train that's headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus's home.

  • Publication date: July 2, 2011

The Polar Express

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2004

MBC Max:

November 22, 2016 14:00 (KSA) ~ November 22, 2016 13:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) A disillusioned little boy, just old enough to doubt the existence of Santa Claus, has the adventure of a lifetime one fateful Christmas Eve.

Clad in his pajamas, he climbs aboard a magic train to the North Pole, driven by a kindly train conductor.

Among myriad jaw-dropping moments, the train plummets brakeless through crystalline mountains in a simulated roller coaster ride.

Going off the rails, skidding sideways, and snaking violently across a frozen lake, the train arrives at the North Pole.

At that moment, the car carrying the kids detaches and they're sent tumbling down never-ending chutes and slides until they land in the middle of Santa's Workshop.


  • Tom Hanks
  • Daryl Sabara
  • Nona Gaye
  • Peter Scolari
  • Eddie Deezen
  • Charles Fleischer
  • Steven Tyler
  • Michael Jeter

Directed by:Robert Zemeckis