• Publication date: July 14, 2013

The Perfect Marriage

A remorseless killer, Annie Grayson, along with her lover, Brent, murdered her husband to collect his $250,000 life-insurance policy. After the money was gone, they split up, and years later she married a big real estate tycoon’s son. Yet Brent finds her again…

  • Publication date: July 14, 2013

The Perfect Marriage

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2006

MBC Max:

July 15, 2013 03:30 (KSA) ~ July 15, 2013 02:30 (CLT)

A remorseless killer, Annie Grayson, along with her lover, Brent, murdered her husband to collect his $250,000 life-insurance policy. After the money was gone, they split up, and she moved to Detroit assuming the alias Maarianne. Years later she married a big real estate tycoon’s son. Richard Danforth. Yet Brent finds her again…


  • Jamie Luner as Annie Grayson / Marianne Danforth
  • James Wilder as Brent Richter
  • William R. Moses as Richard Danforth
  • Sophie Gendron as Tia Montgomery
  • Lisa Langlois as Carrie Hollings
  • Lawrence Dane as Donald Danforth
  • Sabine Karsenti as Kendra

Directed by:  Douglas Jackson

Rating:  TV-14.