• Publication date: December 8, 2013

The Other Man

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After 30 years of marriage a husband discovers his wife's ongoing affair with another man.

  • Publication date: December 8, 2013

The Other Man

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2008

MBC Max:

February 20, 2014 09:30 (KSA) ~ February 20, 2014 08:30 (CLT)

Lisa (Laura Linney) was a successful shoe designer married to Peter (Liam Neeson), a software developer.  For the 25 years preceding Lisa's death their marriage appeared picturesque.  But when Lisa went to Italy for business she met her lover, Ralph (Antonio Banderas).

Peter unearths his wife's affair shortly after her death, while browsing through messages on her cell phone.  He eventually searches her computers, and finds a series of romantic E-mails from Ralph, who is unaware of Lisa's passing.  Rather than inform Banderas' character, Peter corresponds with his rival to learn more about him, eventually traveling to Milan to meet him.


  • Liam Neeson
  • Antonio Banderas
  • Laura Linney
  • Romola Garai
  • Craig Parkinson
  • Paterson Joseph
  • Amanda Drew