• Publication date: June 1, 2012

The Lovers On The Bridge

A love story about Alex a homeless alcoholic and Michele a painter driven to a life on the streets following a failed relationship.

A homeless man named Alex finds a surprisingly unspoiled young woman wearing an eye patch sleeping in his spot on the street and confronts her about it.

They become acquainted, and he learns that she is Michèle, a painter from a good suburban family who has taken to the streets in order to practice her art until she inevitably loses her vision to a degenerative eye disorder.

Alex earns his booze money through doing street theater: fire-eating and gymnastic routines.

The two become buddies and lovers, share many adventures while practicing the arts of street survival, and even have some fun along the way.


  • Juliette Binoche
  • Denis Lavant
  • Daniel Buain
  • Klaus-Michael Grüber
  • Marion Stalens
  • Chrichan Larsson

Directed by: Leos Carax

Rating: R for violence, language, sexuality/nudity and substance abuse