• Publication date: May 31, 2018


The plight of a scorned superhero and his battle against an abusive, narcissistic father.

  • Publication date: May 31, 2018


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2003

MBC Max:

May 31, 2018 14:30 (KSA) ~ May 31, 2018 13:30 (CLT)

(mbc.net) While some comic book heroes are lauded for their use of superhuman strength against evil, Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is revered for his ability to control innate rage when tormented by others.  Indeed, Bruce resembles Dr. Frankenstein's creature more closely than a traditional superhero: a creation that is neither truly evil, nor wholly good.

While Mary Shelley's character was built from scratch using human remains, Banner was the product ofhis father's (Nick Nolte) self-induced genetic modifications.  Regardless, both Bruce and Frankenstein's creations endured society's scorn, whose circumstances were inherited from evil genius.  The fate of Dr. Frankenstein is known, but what will happen to David Banner -- if anything?

Hulk was an expected box office smash, earning $245 million internationally -- nearly twice its $137 million budget. 


  • Eric Bana
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Sam Elliott
  • Josh Lucas
  • Nick Nolte