• Publication date: April 15, 2012

The Hook (2004)

An unsuccessful novelist turns into an assassin and obliges a bestselling colleague by dispatching his wife.

  • Publication date: April 15, 2012

The Hook (2004)

Program data

Duration: 102

Production Year: 2004

MBC Max:

April 20, 2012 02:13 (KSA) ~ April 20, 2012 01:13 (CLT)

Down on his luck novelist Ben Castelano misses his train home to Marseilles after an interview in Paris.

At the station he bumps into former pal Brice Cantor, now a suave megabucks author.

Bricetells Ben that a messy on-going divorce from his wife Lucie has left him with writers block and threatens to bankrupt him.

Bricelays out a plan that Ben writes his manuscript and Brice submit it as his own and the two split the hefty advance.

But there is one problem Luciemust die first so that she won’t get a cut of the money and Brice asks Ben to kill her.


  • François Cluzet
  • Karin Viard
  • Bernard Giraudeau
  • Anne Brochet
  • Jacques Spiesser

Directed by:Thomas Vincent