• Publication date: March 29, 2012

The Electric Horseman

Sonny Steele used to be a rodeo star, but his next appearance is to be on a Las Vegas stage, wearing a suit covered in lights.

  • Publication date: March 29, 2012

The Electric Horseman

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1979

MBC Max:

April 25, 2015 14:00 (KSA) ~ April 25, 2015 13:00 (CLT)

Norman "Sonny" Steele is a former rodeo star who winds up working in a demeaning job in Las Vegas for a massive corporation.

Sonny learns that his employer has purchased a $12 million racehorse as part of a merger.

To protect the horse from being drugged and mistreated, he steals it, freeing both himself and the horse.

This sparks the curiosity of savvy journalist Alice "Hallie" Martin, who follows him.

Soon Alice catches up to Sonny and discovers the logic behind his choice to return the horse to its native land is far from the clutches of corporate greed and she falls for him.


  • Robert Redford
  • Jane Fonda
  • Valerie Perrine
  • John Saxon
  • Willie Nelson

Directed by:Sydney Pollack