• Publication date: March 22, 2014

The City of Your Final Destination

A young graduate writing the biography of an obscure dead writer, must gain the trust of the family in order to secure consent.

Omar Razaghi (Omar Metwally) a young doctoral student at the University of Kansas wins a grant to pen the biography of the late Jules Gund, an enigmatic writer who spent his last years with his family in Uruguay before committing suicide. To his disbelieve, when he tried to contact the Gund family asking for their consent on the project, the answer is negative. At the urging of his insisting Girlfriend Deirdre (Alexandra Maria Lara), he books the first flight to Uruguay. Once there he is faced with the opposing family, consisted of His twin gay brother Adam Gund (Anthony Hopkins) who will only comply if Omar accept to perform a dangerous favor. The second member is his sour bitter widow Caroline Gund (Laura Linney), who hold grudge against her dead husband and is categorically against the project. On the other side, is Arden (Charlotte Gainsbourg) his young lover with whom he has a daughter Portia. But soon an attraction is brewing between Omar and Arden, and to complicate things more his Girlfriend suddenly shows up at the house. This is film with a capital F, nothing less that what we expect from director James Ivory, whose name is equivalent with supreme riveting dramas.


  • Anthony Hopkins as Adam Gund
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg as Arden Langdon
  • Omar Metwally as Omar Razaghi
  • Laura Linney as Caroline Gund
  • Hiroki Sanada as Pete
  • Alexandra Maria Lara as Dierdre

Directed by: James Ivory

Rating: PG-13