• Publication date: October 1, 2009

The Border

Jack Nicholson stars in this gripping drama, about a man torn between his duty as border guard and his conscience.

  • Publication date: October 1, 2009

The Border

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1982

MBC Max:

November 12, 2015 18:00 (KSA) ~ November 12, 2015 17:00 (CLT)

Academy Award Winner (Jack Nicholson) is Charlie Smith a corrupt border guard between the United States and Mexico, involved in shady drug smuggling operation along the Rio Grande Border, The story follow Charlie as he is having second thoughts about the way he’s been doing his job, crossing the lines many times ignoring his morals and work and civil ethics. When he decides to finally redeem himself and repent by helping an illegal woman reunite with her baby, he attract the wrath of everyone around him, from his deeply corrupt department, to his greedy wife (Valerie Perrine), and last by not least his vicious ruthless neighbor Cat (Harvey Keitel).

This is criminal drama at it’s best, a moralistic story packing dramatic performances into a tense and suspenseful story line. 


  • Jack Nicholson as Charlie Smith
  • Harvey Keitel as Cat
  • Valerie Perrine as Marcy
  • Warren Oates as Red
  • Elpidia Carrillo as Maria
  • Dirk Blocker as Beef 

Directed by: Tony Richardson

Rating: R