• Publication date: March 29, 2012

The Beautician and the Beast

A New York cosmetologist mistakenly thought to be a science teacher is offered a job to teach the children of an Eastern European dictator.

Program data

Duration: 115

Production Year: 1997

MBC Max:

June 7, 2012 17:05 (KSA) ~ June 7, 2012 16:05 (CLT)

Joy Miller is a beautician who teaches an evening course in hairstyling at a Brooklyn college.

When Joy saves a group of lab animals from a burning building she makes national news.

Grushinsky, a representative of the dictator of Eastern Europe’s Slovetzia, is visiting the US looking for a tutor for the leader's three children.

Thinking Joy teaches science, Grushinsky offers Joy the job as it would be good PR to have a “well-known” American educator on hand.

Joy takes the job and must now deal with Boris Pochenko, the humourless tyrant, who does not take to Joy at first, but the kids love her.


  • Fran Drescher
  • Timothy Dalton
  • Ian McNeice
  • Patrick Malahide
  • Lisa Jakub

Directed by: Ken Kwapis

Rating: PG for some mild language and sensuality