• Publication date: October 25, 2010


Acting legend Dennis Hopper depicts a good cop gone bad in The Keeper. ...

Acting legend Dennis Hopper depicts a good cop gone bad in The Keeper. Officer Krebs (Hopper) meets Gina (Asia Argento), a damsel in distress recovering at police barracks after narrowly escaping rape. In what appears to be a random act of kindness, Krebs offers Gina a ride to the local bus station, where she will presumably leave town. The young lady agrees, unaware that after escaping one madman she is running into the arms of another – albeit one in uniform. Earlier Krebs discovered that Gina worked full-time as an exotic dancer, a profession he finds immoral and abhorrent. The officer takes his passenger to the bus station’s entrance, though before she exits Krebs knocks Gina unconscious using a handkerchief doused in chemicals. When the dancer eventually awakes she is in the back of the officer’s truck, unaware of her whereabouts and in transit to Krebs’ sinister lair. At the trooper’s remote home Gina is locked inside a jail cell, located in Krebs’ basement. Soon she learns that he intends to rehabilitate and reeducate the naughty stripper through psychological torture. Krebs does this using a system of points, where so-called good behavior inches Gina closer to freedom and minor acts of disobedience reduce her score to zero. Unfortunately the officer’s idea of good behavior also includes Gina eventually becoming his lover. Gina will reluctantly play her kidnapper’s sick games, constantly awaiting an opportunity for a quick escape. Meanwhile, outside of the home, a police search for the lost dancer ensues, and Krebs’ colleagues begin to doubt his good-guy facade.