• Publication date: January 22, 2011


Ian Stone (Mike Vogel from 2003's iteration of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) exists ...

Ian Stone (Mike Vogel from 2003's iteration of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) exists in a world best described as a gore-filled take on the comedy Groundhog Day. Though the combination may seem odd, it works. When viewers first meet Ian he is engaged in a hockey tournament, successfully shooting a game-winning goal with only 2 seconds remaining on the scoreboard. For a moment he was on top of the world, though bewildered when a referee claimed the shot occurred after the game's end. Ian was rightfully confused: the clock continued to display 2 seconds long after he departed the arena. Despite what seemed like a mere technical error, his teammates were furious about Stone's perceived failure. On the way home Ian meets his sweetheart, Jenny (Christina Cole) though their encounter is short-lived. Before reaching his destination a strange creature grabs Stone and tosses the hockey player in front of a bulleting train to meet certain death. He awakes, however, in an office building slogging away in a small cubicle. Though in a different time and place his associates remain largely the same, even if some take on a more sinister demeanor. This scenario repeats itself, though in each instance Ian is slightly older and living in a different environment. Regardless of whether he is a drug addict or cab driver, however, a mysterious old man continuously visits Stone and attempts to rescue the former hockey star from this cycle of death. The monsters that continuously visit Ian are so-called Harvesters, and they will not disappear until he saves Jenny from an impending death. Still, this piece of information is only part of a much larger puzzle, and Stone must race against time to solve it.