• Publication date: October 26, 2010


The film focuses on the story of Tamara while she is growing up. ...

The film focuses on the story of Tamara while she is growing up. She is mousey looking, shy brainy and happens to have a crush on her literature teacher, Bill Natolly. She also lives with her incestuous alcoholic father and studies witchcraft in her spare time. Tamara is tormented by the other kids because, as they like to remind her, she’s a loser. Tamara writes an article about the use of steroids by the high-school athletes for the school newspaper. The jocks plan to get back at her with a cruel practical joke. They trick her into undressing in a motel room, videotape the whole thing, and before she knows anything, her head is banged on the edge of a table during a struggle in which she dies. Right before dying Tamara performs a "Love Bonding" tying her to her Literature teacher, who is only interested in his wife. The kids kill her by accident and decide it is better to just bury the body than claim responsibility and call the authorities. Tamara comes back to life looking stripper hot the next day and starts taking revenge on everyone and seducing that English teacher she has been having wet dreams about. It isn't really running wild revenge, more of a mind game that eventually leads to violent death revenge. "Tamara" was nominated for Golden Trailer Award in 2006. This movie is rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, language, sexuality and teen drinking.