• Publication date: June 23, 2012


Two losers in search of fun join the U.S. Army.

  • Publication date: June 23, 2012


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1981

MBC Max:

December 8, 2015 14:00 (KSA) ~ December 8, 2015 13:00 (CLT)

John Winger (Bill Murray) is a cab driver who's bored with his job.  When his girlfriend leaves him and his car is repossessed, Winger decides to join the U.S. Army, alongside his equally bored pal Russell (Harold Ramis).  While in basic training the two friends become romantically involved with Louise (Sean Young) and Stella (P.J. Soles), though they are separated when the girls leave for Germany.

Eventually the boys are sent to Italy and assigned to protect a top-secret assault vehicle, which they steal and use to visit Stella and Louise.  Hilarity ensues when the stunt leaves the rest of the platoon stranded in communist Czechoslovakia.

Stripes was a box office smash, earning more than eight times its $10 million budget at theaters worldwide.


  • Bill Murray
  • Harold Ramis
  • Warren Oates
  • P. J. Soles
  • John Candy

Directed by: Ivan Reitman

Rating: Rated R for sexuality/nudity, language and some drug use.