• Publication date: June 22, 2013


When a half-mile long spacecraft is found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a team of diverse scientists is quickly assembled to investigate. Yet what they find, may be much, much, more than what they were originally looking for…

  • Publication date: June 22, 2013


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1998

MBC Max:

July 13, 2015 18:00 (KSA) ~ July 13, 2015 17:00 (CLT)

When a half-mile long spacecraft is found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a team of diverse scientists is quickly assembled to investigate; Dr. Norman Goodman (Dustin Hoffman), who wrote a presidential report on alien contact; biochemist Beth Halperin (Sharon Stone), once involved romantically with Goodman; mathematician Harry Adams (Samuel L. Jackson); and astrophysicist Ted Fielding (Liev Schreiber).

Yet what they find, may be much, much, more than what they were originally looking for…


  • Dustin Hoffman as Dr. Norman Goodman
  • Sharon Stone as Beth Halperin
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Harry Adams
  • Peter Coyote as Barnes
  • Live Schreiber as Ted Fielding
  • Queen Latifah as Fletcher

Directed by:  Barry Levinson

Rating:  PG-13 for sci-fi action including some startling images.