• Publication date: April 1, 2010

Until Death Do Us Part A Lifelong Marriage, With A Short Expiration Date

By the late 80s funnyman Mike Myers had already established himself as a top comedian on the infamous sketch show �Saturday Night Live� (1975-present).

By the late 80s funnyman Mike Myers had already established himself as a top comedian on the infamous sketch show �Saturday Night Live� (1975-present). However it wasn�t until 1992 that he flexed his big screen muscle in the hilarious �Wayne�s World.� Before sealing his destiny in film with �Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery� (1997), Myers fronted the zany 1993 film �So I Married An Axe Murderer,� a side-splitting tale of a man who is quite possibly in love with a serial killer.

Myers depicts Charlie McKenzie, a fledging San Franciscan poet with a lengthy list of failed relationships. Each woman Charlie meets seems to, at some point, reveal an unbearable flaw � or at least so he claims. Friends are skeptical of the bachelor�s excuses, especially when some of the accusations include mafia affiliations and cat theft.

However one day, while visiting Meats of the World to purchase items for the preparation of haggis (a Scottish dish comprised of animal intestines), he stumbles upon an attractive lady named Harriet Michaels (Nancy Travis), the store�s most unlikely butcher. Immediately the knife-wielding woman mesmerizes him, and the feeling appears to be mutual. The couple�s first date occurs, strangely enough, at the meat shop where Charlie assists Harriet with the day�s work.

Soon Charlie brings Harriet home to father, an undeniably Scottish man who is also depicted by Myers with the help of some special effects and makeup. Everything appears to be wonderful until the poet picks up a popular tabloid newspaper; within it is an article about a femme fatale part-time butcher, part-time murderer, known for leaving a trail of male victims � namely her newlywed husbands. Paranoid, and with a history of escaping from relationships, Charlie begins drawing seemingly undeniable parallels between Harriet and the killer, soon believing that he is indeed married to an axe murderer.

While friends and law enforcement are not convinced, Charlie walks on eggshells and fearful for his life. Could his hunch be right? Is death inevitably around the corner? Or is Harriet his true love that he will recklessly squander like dozens of girls before her?

�So I Married An Axe Murderer� is rated PG-13 for nudity, language and mock terror. Its soundtrack features a number of 90s one-hit-wonder artists such as Soul Asylum, The Spin Doctors, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and many more. The picture�s runtime is 93 minutes.