• Publication date: August 18, 2010

Small Town Folk

In a little estate named Grockleton, not to be found on any map, The Landlord lives with his little minions. Those who enter the estate are never seen again- especially the women, who The Landlord keeps to carry on the Beesley line, besides his other ‘trophies’…

  • Publication date: August 18, 2010

Small Town Folk

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

October 19, 2013 03:45 (KSA) ~ October 19, 2013 02:45 (CLT)

In a little estate named Grockleton, not to be found on any map, The Landlord lives with his little minions, Pooch and Dobbin, in Beesley Manor. Those who enter the estate are never seen or heard from again- especially the women, who The Landlord keeps to carry on the Beesley line, besides his other ‘trophies’…

Yet three strangers will wander onto the Beesley territory, but what cards will fate play this time? Can they beat The Landlord and his minions at their game? Or will they become trophies themselves?


  • Warwick Davis as Knackerman #2
  • Chris R. Wright as The Landlord
  • Dan Palmer as Dobbin
  • Simon Stanley-Ward as Marcus
  • Howard Lew Lewis as Knackerman #1
  • Greg Martin as Jon
  • Hannah Flint as Susan

Directed by: Peter Stanley-Ward

Rating:  Not Rated.