• Publication date: January 23, 2011

Scorched Scorched

Rick Becker (Joshua Leonard) is the lackadaisical manager of a small town California ...

Rick Becker (Joshua Leonard) is the lackadaisical manager of a small town California bank, leeching off of his co-worker and girlfriend, Sheila (Alicia Silverstone). Throughout his studies Shelia helped pay for Rick's education, only to be dumped immediately after graduation. Fortunately, at least for Shelia, her ex is on shaky ground with the bank's owners; after thieves heisted thousands from the branch's ATM on numerous occasions, Rick was ordered to increase security or else face being sacked. With Rick's predicament in mind Shelia is planning to rob the bank, earning her both a generous monetary reward and the satisfaction of revenge. Coincidentally, she is not the only person scheming to loot the bank that night. Unbeknownst to Shelia two other tellers: Stu (Paulo Costanzo) and Jason (Woody Harrelson) have concocted their own harebrained plans. The former is in dire need of excitement, and intends to swipe a meager $250,000 from the bank's vault. If successful, Stu will head straight to Las Vegas and wager the full amount on one game of roulette. Jason's motives are, at least in comparison, more virtuous. A lover of Mother Nature, Jason's closest companion is a pet duck, whose mother was ruthlessly gunned down by local millionaire Charles Merchant (John Cleese). Harrelson's character also feels unappreciated by the bank, receiving a meager fifty-cent raise after years of faithful service. His sights are set on pillaging Merchant's safety deposit box, avenging both the millionaire and an ungrateful employer. Finally, and perhaps most childishly, viewers meet Shmally (Rachael Leigh Cook), a clothing store owner hell-bent on attacking Merchant with an onslaught of eggs. Her reluctant accomplice throughout the mission is Carter Doleman (Marcus Thomas), another outlandish teller at the undeniably kooky bank. When this motley crew of aspiring burglars inevitably collides hysteria is bound to ensue.