• Publication date: October 20, 2010


Fiction writer Stephen King’s novels have served as the inspiration for countless classic ...

Fiction writer Stephen King’s novels have served as the inspiration for countless classic films; some of those include The Shining, Christine, and Pet Cemetery – just to name a few. In 2000, predating the existence of Kindles and iPads, King boldly decided to release his short story, Riding the Bullet as an eBook. Four years later it was unsurprisingly translated into a motion picture, retaining the same level of shock and horror that propelled the author to fame nearly 30 years prior. The story’s central character is Alan Parker (Jonathan Jackson), a troubled college student contemplating suicide. Eventually Alan musters up the courage to slit his wrists, but is promptly discovered by Jessica (Erika Christensen), his girlfriend. Jessica rushes Alan to the local hospital where he receives treatment and eventually recovers. Shortly after being discharged from the hospital, Alan learns that his mother Jean (Barbara Hershey) has experienced a debilitating, potentially fatal stroke. This news is devastating to Alan, who at the age of 6 lost his father (Barry W. Levy) due to a car accident, rendering Jean his last and only living blood relative. With no automobile of his own and no time to lose, Alan hitchhikes to the hospital where his mother is staying. As he hops from one car to another, the college student meets a frightening array of drivers, accompanied by an equally terrifying nightscape. Through a series of hallucinations and close encounters with death, Alan is forced to confront his own fear of mortality. He must also make a sorrowful decision that, no matter his choice, is seemingly a no win situation. Set in the late 60s, Riding the Bullet’s soundtrack reflects the music of its era. Some of the noteworthy artists heard throughout the film include James Brown, The Chambers Brothers, The Zombies, and The Electric Prunes.