• Publication date: June 29, 2010


Salaam-E-Ishq, translated as “A Tribute to Love,” is Bollywood's take on the British ...

Salaam-E-Ishq, translated as “A Tribute to Love,” is Bollywood's take on the British smash hit Love Actually and presents six different couples and their romantic ups and downs. The individual characters and their circumstances will eventually merge, but the theatrics that ensue until then are the main attraction. First we meet Kamini, a young woman who dreams of becoming Bollywood's so-called 'Tragedy Queen.' In order to break into the industry though she needs a gimmick, and so she lies that her manager, Rahul, is actually her childhood sweetheart, and that the two have never been apart. While this does open Bollywood's doors for Kamini, it also makes her the victim of blackmail as Rahul threatens to reveal her secret to the public unless she does indeed become romantic with him. Our second couple is Gia and Shiven are a bride and a groom whose wedding is approaching. When Shiven decides he would prefer prolonged bachelorhood he ends the engagement. This not only breaks Gia's heart, but also means her father will go ahead with a prearranged marriage to Rohit, something that his daughter dreads. Next we are introduced to Seema, who is Gia's sister. Seema lives in Britain with her husband Vinay, and has been happily married for nearly two decades. Their relationship turns sour, however, when Seema discovers Anjali, her husband's mistress. Does this revelation render the marriage unsalvageable? Meanwhile, Tehzeeb Hussain is a newscaster who works alongside her lover, Ashutosh. The two are eager to tie the knot but Tehzeeb is Muslim, and Ashutosh's Hindu family refuses to accept their marriage. When Tehzeeb is involved in a near fatal train accident she is struck with amnesia, unable to recognize Ashutosh, and will likely be sent home to her parents. Then there is Raju, a cab driver whose sole dream is to marry a white woman. Every day he picks up passengers from the airport, praying that one light skinned arrival will fall in love with him. One day his dream seems to come true when Stephanie enters his cab, an American woman frantically seeking her lover, who just happens to be Rohit. Lastly we are introduced to Ramdayal and Phoolwati, a newlywed couple experiencing an amazingly uneventful honeymoon. Ramdayal's quirky mannerisms continuously ruin the mood as he desperately attempts to become intimate with his new wife. Salaam-E-Ishq was a commercial success despite mixed reviews from critics and earned an impressive $12.5 million worldwide.