• Publication date: August 16, 2010

River's End River's End

For years Sheriff ‘Buster’ Watkins has bailed his rebellious grandson, Clay, out of ...

For years Sheriff ‘Buster’ Watkins has bailed his rebellious grandson, Clay, out of legal jams. The Sheriff’s leniency stems less from family favoritism, but more due to sympathy for the boy’s plight. At an early age Clay’s father succumbed to sickness and passed away, leaving his mom Sarah, a struggling single parent, whose resources and patience grew increasingly thin each day. Devoid of a father figure, Clay would attempt to assert his manhood through outlandish behavior and extravagant fashion statements, earning him the small, conservative town’s ire. His antics failed to impress schoolmates either, who regularly attacked the teenage hooligan. Sheriff Watkins’ pity ends abruptly one day after Clay is caught destroying mailboxes, a federal offense with stiff penalties. He offers his grandson an ultimatum however: willfully accept a jail sentence or embark on a journey through nature, that will hopefully result in serious mental reflection and an improved outlook on life. Reluctantly the hydrophobic ruffian agrees to the proposition and as per his granddad’s instructions begins canoeing along the region’s largest river, a stretch entailing 60 miles of beautiful, though occasionally rugged terrain. Before departing, however, the Sheriff gives Clay six audiocassettes containing grandfatherly wisdom, compiled by Buck himself. While the virgin outdoorsman treks to the river’s end, Buck is preparing to bust a local drug gang. His attempt is unsuccessful however, and the dealers coincidentally escape by boat with a hostage, Regina Kennedy. Inevitably Clay will encounter the fugitives and their victim, pitting him against not only nature but a crew of kidnappers as well.