• Publication date: April 3, 2014

Right Hand Drive

Evan a young Englishman living in a small rural village, will see his life shambled when an eccentric America “tourist” family stops by.

  • Publication date: April 3, 2014

Right Hand Drive

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2009

MBC Max:

June 5, 2014 13:00 (KSA) ~ June 5, 2014 12:00 (CLT)

The story revolves around Evan, a young Englishman, Living in a small village with his rather eccentric aunt. He’s happy driving his old Porsche, is an active member of his community, and takes part in the small village chapel, which only has few followers. Evan feels he is swarmed by eccentricity; everyone is weird, except of his friend Sri and maybe Ruth, his best friend since childhood. However, One day while driving on small rural road, he has an accident with a vacationing American family, who now has no choice but to stay in his Aunt’s house till their car is fixed. The Family is comprised of a very domineering wife, a cynical father, a punk daughter and a very attractive sister. But this is not a vacation, as soon national and cultural shocks are sending waves into this calm village. And soon Evan is turned between those two sides, the new world vs well the old. This makes him, re-think his whole life and future plan.

A hilarious adventure, filled with Witt, charm and a lot of heart.


  • Nancy Baldwin as Mrs. Thomas
  • Sarah Buckland as Joan
  • Josh Cole as Norman
  • Laura Donnelly as Ashley
  • Edward Jaspers as Evan
  • Heidi Kalbskopf as Kelsey
  • Nicholas Lumley as MR. Thorpe
  • Gareth Macleavy as German Businessman

Directed by: Mark Kabskopf

Rating: PG