• Publication date: July 31, 2010

Rennie's Landing

Fate reunites four college friends a year after graduation and they decide to recapture the idealistic spirit of their college days.

  • Publication date: July 31, 2010

Rennie's Landing

Program data

Duration: 95

Production Year: 2001

MBC Max:

May 12, 2012 05:50 (KSA) ~ May 12, 2012 04:50 (CLT)

Trevor Logan, Alec Nichols, Casey Shepard and Samantha Parkes are four close friends who met in college.

Trevor is an aspiring actor, Alec aspires to a career in finance, Casey has a desire to teach kids and Samantha hopes to make a career out of community service.

After graduating, the four friends move to Los Angeles, but they discover that life in the real world is harder than they ever expected.

All four experience setbacks as they try to make a place for themselves in the working world.

So Alec comes up with a daring plan to gain financial independence for life by robbing a bank.


  • Charlotte Ayanna
  • Ethan Embry
  • Peter Facinelli
  • Scott Foley
  • Jennifer Garner

Directed by: Marc Fuso

Rating: R for some sexual references