• Publication date: March 21, 2010

Real Women Have Curves Real Women Have Curves

Real Women Have Curves is a coming of Age story of a first ...

Real Women Have Curves is a coming of Age story of a first generation latina Ana García (America Ferrera) who struggles to balance her family's culture where she is expected to work in her sister's dress warehouse, find a husband and have children and her dreams of moving to New York to get a college education. As Ana is about to graduate high school she dreams of going to university in New York, much to her family’s dismay, however one of her teachers tries to convince her parents to give her an opportunity and send her to university. Her mother Carmen (Lupe Ontiveros) refuses point blank. She alleges that Ana’s other sister, Estella (Ingrid Oliu), is a spinster and she'll never marry, so it's Ana's task to give her grandchildren, a task Carmen thinks Ana will not be able to achieve unless she looses weight. Ana reluctantly starts working at Estella's dress factory. The work is hard but she is inspired by Pancha and Rosali two fun and hard-working ladies. Ana is in charge of ironing the dresses after they are made. She sweats a lot so she decides to take away her t-shirt and work in a bra. Almost all the workers follow suit in a hilarious moment. Ana realizes that Estella is selling her dresses for a lower price than they are worth and suggests she sell them at the mall. To add drama to an intense situation Estella cannot afford to pay rent for her workshop and the new collection is still not finished. The girls go to talk to their business partner at the mall, Mrs Glass who refuses to give them some money in advance. Finally, it's Ana who asks her father for the money. Meanwhile, Ana has a high-school love interest who seems to be attached to her even when school is over, Jimmy (Brian Sites). They are not supposed to ever meet, but Ana seeks the help of her grandfather to meet up with Jimmy. Ana and Jimmy meet several times, and they look very much in love. Ana and Jimmy end up sleeping with each other and despite the chemistry and connection, Ana doesn't feel really attached to their relationship. Estella finally makes it: she finishes her collection, she sells it to Mrs Glass on time and pays the rent. She also makes a special dress for Ana: a red party-dress, which she is gorgeous in. Finally Ana decides to take steps towards gaining her independence and decides to take up the grant offer from a New York university. To Ana's surprise, her father backs her and gives her his support while her mother gets in a frenzy and when Ana moves out, locks herself in her own room, refusing to say goodbye. That marks Ana's refusal to comply with her role in Latin society as a submissive woman. Ana leaves Jimmy without a second thought as well. The rest of the family says goodbye to her, and especially Estella agrees with Ana's decision. Although Real Women Have Curves did not achieve blockbuster status, critics almost unanimously praised it. Regarding the film’s social impact, Roger Ebert stated, “for young women depressed because they don't look like skinny models, this film is a breath of common sense and fresh air.” Attendees at the annual Sundance Film Festival gave similar nods of approval, where the picture won awards in two categories, with a nomination in a third. " Real Women Have Curves " was rated as PG-13 for sexual content and some language