• Publication date: February 15, 2012

Pretty In Pink

A poor girl must choose between the affections of her doting childhood sweetheart and a rich but sensitive playboy.

  • Publication date: February 15, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1986

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September 29, 2012 04:45 (KSA) ~ September 29, 2012 03:45 (CLT)

Andie is a good student who develops a crush on Blane, the sensitive, well-born preppie.

But Blane runs with a fast crowd of haughty rich kids, the kind of clique Andie and her new wavy best friend Duckie can't stand.

Going against her fretting father, peer pressure and social expectations, she decides to date him.

But their big plans for the senior prom ultimately fall apart when Blane heeds his friend Steff's warning to "quit slumming."

Will Blane find the courage to claim what he really wants and give up the so-called friends he doesn't need?


  • Andrew McCarthy
  • Jon Cryer
  • Molly Ringwald
  • Harry Dean Stanton
  • James Spader
  • Gina Gershon
  • Annie Potts

Directed by: Howard Deutch