• Publication date: December 3, 2013


A professional thief wants to go legit, but he has one last score to settle.

  • Publication date: December 3, 2013


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1999

MBC Max:

August 31, 2016 18:00 (KSA) ~ August 31, 2016 17:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Porter (Mel Gibson) is a career criminal who wants to slowly begin an ordinary life.  Before he can do so however, he needs to pull off one big heist; he joins his pal, Val Resnick (Gregg Henry) to rob a Chinese gang for $300 million.  The robbery is much less profitable than expected though, netting them half that amount.

Rather than split the money between them, Resnick shoots Porter immediately after the theft.  Miraculously Porter survived, and now he's intent upon reclaiming the money stolen from him. 

Payback garnered over $161 million at the box office, close to double its budget.


  • Mel Gibson
  • Gregg Henry
  • Maria Bello
  • David Paymer
  • Bill Duke
  • Lucy Liu
  • John Glover
  • William Devane
  • Deborah Kara Unger
  • Jack Conley
  • Kris Kristofferson