• Publication date: March 1, 2010

Blind Love Kills Forfeiting Common Sense For A Woman

Antonio Banderas, star of acclaimed films such as �Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles� (1994), �The Mask of Zorro� (1998), and �Philadelphia� (1993) stars in 2001�s �Original Sin.�

Antonio Banderas, star of acclaimed films such as �Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles� (1994), �The Mask of Zorro� (1998), and �Philadelphia� (1993) stars in 2001�s �Original Sin.� Featured alongside Banderas is the highly attractive Angelina Jolie, who is widely recognized for her roles in �Lara Croft: Tomb Raider� (2001) and �Hackers� (1995).

Banderas depicts Luis Vargas, a successful Cuban entrepreneur who specializes in exporting coffee to the United States. Luis does not believe in the idea of love and romance, but instead seeks a woman to bear his children and for other practical uses. He also desires a woman who will stay with him out of loyalty, not because he is a rich man.

To find his potential wife Luis places an ad in an American newspaper, convinced that the United States represents the future while Cuba represents the past. After exchanging letters for a period of time, including photographs, he invites his potential wife to Cuba � the lovely Julia Russell (Jolie).

However on the day of her arrival he is frightened. As passengers continue to exit the ship Julia is nowhere in sight, and he becomes convinced that something has gone wrong. Suddenly, a woman sneaks up behind him and identifies herself and admits she sent a different photograph. The photograph Julia sent was of a much less attractive, though still appealing woman. She explained that similar to Luis, she wanted to find a man who would respect her as a wife, not merely based on looks.

Without hesitation the two marry within hours. Despite Luis� intent to forgo romance, he cannot help but fall in passionate love with his new wife; he is mesmerized by the girl and will stop at no length to please her. Almost instantly Julia is added to his bank account and given access to the wealthy man�s entire fortune. Yet Julia is withholding a deep, dark secret: she is a skilled con artist and Luis is her latest victim. Along with her male accomplice, Walter Downs (Thomas Jane) she steals everything her husband possesses, and flees with her supposedly true love.

What both Julia and Walter failed to anticipate though is that their mark was not an ordinary one. While Luis and Julia�s relationship began in deceit, it morphed in a genuinely passionate affair. Once Luis discovers Julia�s thievery he hires a private detective to track her down and return his wealth. Strangely, though, he has not given up his obsession for the woman � and he will do anything to regain her physically and romantically, even if lives are at stake.

�Original Sin� is rated R for strong sexual content and some violence. Its runtime is 116 minutes.