• Publication date: March 20, 2011

Okul Okul

Gokalp (Burak Altay) is a Turkish teenager and aspiring writer who adores his ...

Gokalp (Burak Altay) is a Turkish teenager and aspiring writer who adores his high school classmate, Guldem (Nehir Erdogan). Each day Gokalp writes beautiful short stories for his sweetheart, enclosed in red envelopes that he hides in strategic locations. His font is intricately styled, handwritten, and extremely difficult to duplicate. Guldem enjoys the stories and often compliments her admirer. Unfortunately the two students are members of separate cliques; despite her desire to enter a romantic relationship with Gokalp, Guldem fears that doing so would alienate herself from the school's social elite, including her alpha-male boyfriend, Ersin (Berk Hakman). One day Ersin and his cronies stumble upon one of Gokalp's notorious red envelopes, open it, and then proceed to read it aloud as dozens of students gather around him. Guldem makes a half-hearted attempt to stop Ersin, but eventually stands beside him anyway, grinning as other students laugh. Gokalp notices the smile and is disappointed by her general indifference to the situation. As he walks away in sadness Guldem realizes that she has betrayed him. While Ersin continues to read the story, Gokalp climbs to the school's roof and jumps, killing himself on impact. The entire school was shocked, and at least subconsciously felt responsible for his death – especially Guldem. A year later the teenagers are just days away from beginning their final exams and are experiencing incredible stress. The test's results will determine which universities the students enter, their careers, and subsequently their lives. When a strange series of paranormal events occur on school grounds Ersin, Guldem, and their friends become hysterical and unable to sleep, much less open a book to study. Soon they realize that Gokalp's ghost has retuned to punish them, and ruin their futures just as they ruined his. Guldem, who is initially unaffected by the ghost's presence, will learn the greatest lesson of them all. Rating: N/A