• Publication date: October 20, 2010


Open Water is inspired by a true story about an American couple, Tom ...

Open Water is inspired by a true story about an American couple, Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who in 1998 went out with a scuba diving group into the South Pacific. They were accidentally left behind because the dive-boat crew failed to take an accurate headcount. Based on such an actual event, "Open Water" tells the story of a young couple, Daniel and Susan, who go to the Bahamas to scuba dive the coral reef, and are accidentally left behind in the ocean. The couple boards a tour boat that is crowded with divers; after the first dive of the day, the captain makes a mistake on the numbers of divers who have surfaced from the dive and are aboard. When the number reaches 20, the boat leaves the area and goes to the next site. Daniel and Susan did not stay with the group underwater, but they were supposed to be back within 35 minutes. They were 5 minutes late and the boat left without them. Susan blames Daniel for being left behind, and their ordeal goes down the drain from there. After several hours, sharks begin to circle them. They begin to realize that their workaholic life is not important anymore. Only if they had a second chance, they would change. Although a boat and a large ship pass by within the couple's view, neither sees them, and they are not discovered missing until the following morning when a member of the dive boat crew discovers their gear on the boat, and their hotel manager discovers they never returned to their room. Frantically a search is mounted by plane, boat, and helicopter, looking for the missing couple. The movie cost $130,000 to make and was bought by Lions Gate Films for $2.5 million after its screening at the Sundance Film Festival. Gross box office revenues amounted to US$ 30 millions. "Open Water" won Saturn Award for Best Actress (Blanchard Ryan) in 2004, and Golden Trailer Award for Best Thriller in 2005. The film was rated R for language and some nudity.