• Publication date: May 27, 2014

Not Another Teen Movie

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A mockery of all the teen movies that have accumulated in the past two decades.

  • Publication date: May 27, 2014

Not Another Teen Movie

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2001

MBC Max:

September 12, 2014 16:30 (KSA) ~ September 12, 2014 15:30 (CLT)

At John Hughes High School, the students are the same as just about every other teenager in a teen movie.

The popular jock, Jake, makes a bet with Austin, the cocky blonde guy, that he can transform Janey, the ugly girl, into the prom queen.

But two people are trying to stop Jake from succeeding: his evil sister, Catherine, the cruelest girl in school, and Priscilla, the bitchy cheerleader.

And all of their friends are recycled from other teen movies: Areola, the naked foreign exchange student, Malik, the token black guy and many more.


  • Chris Evans
  • Chyler Leigh
  • Randy Quaid
  • Jaime Pressly
  • Paul Gleason
  • LaceyChabert
  • Sam Huntington
  • Ron Lester
  • Mia Kirshner
  • Cody McMains

Directed by:Joel Gallen

Rating: R for strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content