• Publication date: February 20, 2011

Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby

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Million Dollar Baby is a sport-drama about a hardened trainer/manager who works with ...

Million Dollar Baby is a sport-drama about a hardened trainer/manager who works with a determined 31 year-old woman in her attempt to establish herself as a boxer. Frankie Dunn is a veteran boxing trainer who has devoted his life to the ring and has precious little to show for it; his daughter never answers his letters, and a fighter he's groomed into contender status has paid him back by signing with another manager, leaving Frankie high and dry. His best friend and faithful employee Eddie Dupris is a former fighter who Frankie trained. In his last fight, Eddie suffered a severe injury, a fact that brings Frankie great guilt. One day, Maggie Fitzgerald enters Frankie's life, as well as his gym, and announces she needs a trainer. Frankie regards her as a dubious prospect, and isn't afraid to tell her why: he doesn't think much of women boxing, she's too old at 31, she lacks experience, and has no technique. However, Maggie sees boxing as the one part of her life that gives her meaning and won't give up easily. Finally won over by her determination, Frankie takes on Maggie, and as she slowly grows into a viable fighter, an emotional bond develops between them. Million Dollar Baby picked up 4 Oscars for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Picture of the Year, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Actress in a Leading Role. It also won numerous other festival awards. This movie is rated PG-13 for violence, some disturbing images, thematic material and language.