• Publication date: May 19, 2010

Just My Luck Just My Luck

In Just My Luck, superstar Lindsey Lohan plays Ashley Albright, a young lady ...

In Just My Luck, superstar Lindsey Lohan plays Ashley Albright, a young lady who never has a bad day, making her the envy of all her friends. The simplest tasks to the most complicated ones always go smoothly, from catching a cab within seconds, to landing the most important clients and venues at work. Ashley’s latest project is a high-scale masquerade party, designed to win over a lucrative business partner. Aside from a star-studded guest list, Ashley has hired ten professional dancers to liven up the occasion. One of those dancers includes Jake Hardin (Chris Pine), a man pretending to be part of the dancers’ entourage in order to promote his new band, McFly. Unlike Ashley, Jake is the epitome of misfortune. So when he manages to not only dance solo with the alluring Ashley, but also sneak a kiss, he is bewildered. Yet there is more to this simple peck on the cheek than meets the eye: this seemingly innocent act of affection has dire consequences for Ashley, though amazing blessings for Jake – who has just swapped his thoroughly unhappy existence with his dance partner’s fairy tale life. Things brighten up for Jake immediately after parting ways with Ashely, when he hooks up with an important promoter at the masquerade, securing an important gig for McFly. Meanwhile, things go terribly awry for Ashley, who ends up in jail after acquiring a stolen dress from actress Sarah Jessica Parker. After an endless string of mishaps she connects with Madame Z (Tovah Feldshuh), a nearby fortuneteller who pinpoints the moment when Ashley’s luck changed. To rectify this action she must locate Jake. The problem is, however, since all members at the party were wearing masks, she has absolutely no idea who Jake is. Will this formally charmed girl remain cursed for the rest of her life? Or will the same forces that granted both Jake and Ashley their fortunes unite them once again? “Just My Luck’s” soundtrack is entirely composed of tracks by British boy band McFly, who are featured prominently throughout the movie. The picture was a modest success at box offices, earning $38 million after a $28 million budget, thus leaving $10 million in profit. Though not a success with adult audiences, it did win the attention of preteen girls, and subsequently three separate Teen Choice Award nominations. Due to some brief sexual references “Just My Luck” is rated PG-13.