• Publication date: June 25, 2012

Joe's Palace

A drama centered on the relationship between Elliot, a strange and wealthy Londoner, and Joe, a teenager who takes care of an empty house Elliot owns.

  • Publication date: June 25, 2012

Joe's Palace

Program data

Duration: 110

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

July 2, 2012 02:20 (KSA) ~ July 2, 2012 01:20 (CLT)

The action revolves around Joe, a teenager who has just left school and finds himself employed by Elliot Graham, an agoraphobic billionaire.

Joe's task is to act as doorman/caretaker for one of Graham's houses, a palatial property in central London.

Graham himself refuses to live in the house and instead resides in a more modest property over the road.

Nevertheless Graham employs a whole team of servants to keep the place spotless even though it has no apparent use.

Joe soon realises Graham is haunted by the house and is desperate to uncover a dark secret but not before a lot of drama ensues.


  • Michael Gambon
  • Danny Lee Wynter
  • Rupert Penry-Jones
  • Kelly Reilly
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Clive Russell

Directed by: Stephen Poliakoff