• Publication date: June 17, 2010

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl

Oliver "Ollie" Trinké is a widowed husband, father, and media publicist who was ...

Oliver "Ollie" Trinké is a widowed husband, father, and media publicist who was living his dream life. Ollie had a beautiful wife and a thriving career in the entertainment industry. But his life suddenly changes after his wife, Gertrude Steiney, dies while giving birth to their first daughter, Gertie, prompting Oliver into a deep and dark depression. Rather than reflect and reconcile his losses, Ollie immerses himself in as much work as possible, hoping to ease the pain and in the meantime neglects his daughter, Gertie, and leaves her in the care of his father, Bart. Bart cares for Gertie for 30 continuous days, leaving work to do so. At some point though Bart has to return to work and Ollie is forced to take responsibility for his daughter. The pressure of caring for Gertie and juggling a high profile career in entertainment quickly takes its toll on Ollie, who reaches boiling point during an important press conference with his star client, Will Smith. With his baby in one hand and a microphone in the other he lashes out at Will Smith and the crowd of reporters, permanently tarnishing his reputation amongst his colleagues. No longer able to live in his high rise New York apartment, Ollie returns to his father’s house in New Jersey until he secures another job. For the following seven years Ollie works as a civil servant, a change of pace from his nonstop entertainment career. During this time he refuses to date any other women, remaining in constant mourning of Gertrude; he is also able to further bond with his daughter and father. Despite being blacklisted from the entertainment industry, Ollie is living a fairly comfortable life. Things get even better when he meets Maya, a video store clerk with a fondness for both Ollie and Gertrude. However Ollie will be greeted with a life changing opportunity that may require forfeiting the love and security of his New Jersey home – will he take it? “Jersey Girl” is rated PG-13 for language and sexual content including frank dialogue.