• Publication date: September 16, 2009




Con artist Gwen moves into Newton's empty house without his knowledge, and begins setting up house posing as his new wife.

  • Publication date: September 16, 2009


Program data

Duration: 115

Production Year: 1992

MBC Max:

April 30, 2012 15:05 (KSA) ~ April 30, 2012 14:05 (CLT)

Davis builds his dream house and presents it to Becky with a proposal of marriage.

She turns him down. He leaves the house and returns to the city.

He meets Gwen, spends the night with her, but leaves while she is sleeping. She takes his description of the house and finds it to move in.

Local residents become curious and she invents a marriage, a courtship, and an entire history.

Davis agrees that Gwen can pretend to be his wife because it impresses Becky.

Rating: PG for mild sensuality and language


  • Steve Martin
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Donald Moffat
  • Dana Delany
  • Peter MacNicol
  • Julie Harris