• Publication date: May 31, 2010

Song, Dance & Laughs Three Bachelors Hilariously Thrust Into Fatherhood

�Heyy Babyy� is a musical comedy that gives audiences a Bollywood update of the popular 1987 American comedy, �Three Men and a Baby.�

�Heyy Babyy� is a musical comedy that gives audiences a Bollywood update of the popular 1987 American comedy, �Three Men and a Baby.�

Arush Mehra and his roommates, Ali and Tanmay are three hard-partying twenty-somethings that share a luxury apartment in downtown Sydney, Australia. The young and handsome bachelors naturally have a hard time keeping track of their weekly clubbing conquests. So when they all wake up one day to find a baby left on their doorstep, none can say exactly which guy it belongs to. The roommates set out to track down past girlfriends in an attempt to find the baby�s mother, but each comes back empty handed.

After initial efforts to care for the child end in exasperation, the three go to drop the baby off at a church. Not long after, however, pangs of guilt and feelings of loss take hold, and the boys decide to keep the baby and give her one more shot. They name her Angel.

Ignorant and inept, the bachelors comically struggle with the basics of child rearing. Gradually, though, they adapt to the baby bottles and diaper changing. Their affection for the adorable Angel grows with each passing day, and touching scenes of their devotion play out in a multitude of Bollywood style musical numbers.

The boys' domestic situation continues wonderfully until, all of a sudden, things are turned upside down when the mother, Isha, shows up to reclaim her child. Arush tells his roommates the story of how he met Isha a year ago, at a friend's wedding. The brief romance they shared ended abruptly when Isha caught Arush with her friend.

Now, having changed his ways, and convinced that he would be the best father for Angel, Arush offers a challenge to Isha: find and marry someone else in seven days who will agree to be her father, or return the child to him. She agrees, and the boys immediately become concerned that the beautiful and wealthy Isha will succeed, and keep Angel away from them forever. But Arush has other ideas in mind, and he enlists the help of Isha's father, along with his own roommates, to thwart Isha's plans.

�Heyy Babyy� found success in limited release outside of India, grossing $1.4 million in the United States and �530,000 in the United Kingdom.

Showing on: MBC Max

Year: 2007

Duration: 144 mins

Genre: Comedy/ Drama


Akshay Kumar

Vidya Balan

Fardeen Khan

Ritesh Deshmukh

Boman Irani

Directed by: Sajid Khan