• Publication date: March 16, 2012

Heroes 1977

A Vietnam veteran suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder goes on a road trip to find out what became of the other men in his unit.

  • Publication date: March 16, 2012

Heroes 1977

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1977

MBC Max:

March 24, 2012 02:45 (KSA) ~ March 24, 2012 01:45 (CLT)

It's 4 years since Jack is back from Vietnam, but he still has nightmares.

In a bus on his way to California he meets Carol, who just left her fiancée - only 4 days before their wedding, allegedly just for a few days of vacation.

Jack happily tells her about his plans to set up a worm farm for fishing baits together with four of his Vietnam ex-comrades.

Although he gets on her nerves at the beginning, she starts to care.

When one after the other of his friends steps out and Jack loses his optimism, Carol remains as the last support that keeps him from despair.


  • Harrison Ford
  • Sally Field
  • Henry Winkler
  • Val Avery
  • Dennis Burkley
  • John Finnegan
  • Tony Burton
  • Michael Cavanaugh
  • Olivia Cole
  • Helen Craig
  • Hector Elias

Directed by: Jeremy Paul Kagan