• Publication date: October 19, 2010

Her Best Move Her Best Move

Leah Pipes of Sorority Row notoriety depicts Sara Davis, a budding soccer star ...

Leah Pipes of Sorority Row notoriety depicts Sara Davis, a budding soccer star coached by her dad, Gil (Scott Patterson, Agent Strahm from Saw IV, V, and VI). As a youth Leah's father yearned to become a member of the U.S. National Soccer Team, yet despite rigorous training he never succeeded. Gil is determined to ensure that his daughter does not suffer the same fate. The problem is that Leah's dreams do not necessarily include a soccer ball. Leah's parents recently separated, forcing the family's patriarch to move into his office and sleep there each night. As a result, the only meaningful time Gil has with his daughter occurs during soccer practice. Both value their hours spent together, especially Leah who adores dad too much to admit her disinterest in sports. More is at stake than quality time however: the 15-year-old has a genuine chance of joining the U.S. National Team, forcing her into a tiring regime of non-stop practice and the consumption of disgusting protein shakes. Until recently appeasing dad did not bother Leah so much. She managed to juggle school, sports, and work easily. Then one day Josh (Drew Tyler Bell) appeared: a hunky and freethinking new kid at school. Unlike other students, Josh didn't view Leah as a mere female jock. He was also introspective and served as the school newspaper's photographer. For years Leah dreamed of pursuing her interest in photography, and now Josh could serve as her mentor. As Leah discovers her own interests and ambitions soccer begins to take a backseat. On some level this is liberating, but on another saddening: the only thing Gil and Leah seemed to have in common was the very thing she plans to slowly abandon. Somehow dad must come to terms with his daughter's choices and hopes, and realize that she is transforming into an independent woman; similarly, Leah must adjust to making decisions based on what's right for her, not necessarily others. Her Best Move is an extremely tween friendly flick with an equally fitting soundtrack. Songs by artists such as The Bangles, The Romantics, Hilary Duff and many other well-known musicians are featured throughout the film. Rating: G