• Publication date: June 23, 2010

Grind 1997

An affair develops between a wife and her husband's brother.

Eddie (Billy Crudup) has just been released from jail and needs a place to stay.  He seeks refuge with his recently married brother, Terry (Paul Schulze) and his wife, Janey (Adrienne Shelly).  Terry finds his brother work at a local treadmill factory alongside their father, and also involves Eddie in an auto theft and insurance fraud racket on the side.

Janey is growing increasingly distant from her husband, and with Eddie working nightshifts the pair are often alone in the day.  An affair slowly brews between the two while Terry is away, and an explosive confrontation is inevitable once their romance is exposed.


  • Billy Crudup
  • Adrienne Shelley
  • Paul Schulze
  • Frank Vincent


Directed by: Chris Kentis