• Publication date: June 28, 2011

Garfield Gets Real

Written by Garfield creator Jim Davis, Garfield Gets Real sees Garfield seeking adventure in the real world after discovering a patch between the realm of Cartoon World and the Real World. Both Garfield and Odie dive headlong into the experience, but Garfield has second thoughts and realizes the gravity of his mistake when in the real world he discovers that the local newspaper is going to replace the Garfield comic strip for good.

  • Publication date: June 28, 2011

Garfield Gets Real

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

February 25, 2013 16:00 (KSA) ~ February 25, 2013 15:00 (CLT)

Tired and bored of his life in Cartoon World, Garfield gets excited when Odie drops his bone through a patch that links the realm of Cartoon World with the Real World. Garfield dives through the patch without a second's thought, followed by loyal bumbling Odie. Yet the real world seems too harsh and Garfield has a hard time trying to convince the neighborhood cats that he's the real Garfield from the comic strip. When Garfield discovers the repercussions of his actions mean that the papers are going to cancel his comic strip for good, he seeks the help of his friends from Cartoon World to try and find a way to get him and Odie back where they belong...


  • Frank Welker
  • Jason Marsden
  • Pat Fraley
  • Gregg Berger
  • Neil Ross
  • Wally Wingert

Directed by:  Mark A.Z. Dippé & Kyung Ho Lee

Rating:  Not rated.