• Publication date: January 22, 2011

Gülizar Gülizar

Gülizar (Tuba Büyüküstün) lives in a rural Turkish village with her family. ...

Gülizar (Tuba Büyüküstün) lives in a rural Turkish village with her family. No longer a young girl, her father (portrayed by Gökhan Mete) has accepted a wedding proposal from another villager (Ahmet Saraçoğlu). Her fiancé agrees to the dowry, and travels to Istanbul for work; after a few months, much to Gülizar's dismay, he returns with cash in hand. The wedding will proceed as planned. But while her future husband was absent another man came to town: Ismail (Yetkin Dikinciler), an incredibly handsome and charming schoolteacher. One day Ismail caught Gülizar peaking into his classroom window, obviously infatuated with him. As she ran into a nearby forest he secretly followed; once alone Ismail made it clear that the attraction was shared. A number of secret meetings occurred after that, and Gülizar eventually lost her virginity to the teacher. Since Ismail intended to marry the beautiful villager, their intimacy remained a mutual secret of little concern to either of them. In a strange turn of events, however, Ismail was accidentally killed. Worse yet, Gülizar's former husband-to-be returns from Istanbul, and their engagement is renewed. Inevitably Gülizar's new husband discovers that another man has taken her virginity before him. Rural custom dictates that she should be killed in retribution. A heartfelt battle between a family's innate love and a people's time-honored tradition ensues.