• Publication date: January 22, 2014

First Sunday

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Two TV repairmen are in over their heads after a series of botched robberies.

  • Publication date: January 22, 2014

First Sunday

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2008

MBC Max:

October 22, 2015 14:30 (KSA) ~ October 22, 2015 13:30 (CLT)

LeeJohn (Tracey Morgan) and Durell (Ice Cube) are two electronics repairmen who are fired after attempting to steal a television from their employer.  With their resumes tarnished the duo embraces thievery wholeheartedly, and helps a local conman steal $12,000 worth of wheelchairs.  Durell and LeeJohn are caught in the act again however, and the police seize the merchandise. 

The would-be recipient of the wheelchairs is furious, and places a bounty on the thieves' heads.  The two friends scramble to repay the conman by robbing their neighborhood church, only to discover that someone has already stolen the cash.  Can they locate the loot before the police locate them?

First Sunday was a commercial success, earning more than $38 million at the box office.


  • Ice Cube
  • Tracy Morgan
  • Katt Williams
  • Loretta Devine
  • Michael Beach
  • Keith David
  • Regina Hall
  • Malinda Williams
  • Chi McBride