• Publication date: July 9, 2012


NASA and its Soviet-Russian counterpart prepare another mission to the permanent space station but things go wrong when the mission is hijacked.

  • Publication date: July 9, 2012


Program data

Duration: 100

Production Year: 1999

MBC Max:

September 7, 2012 02:05 (KSA) ~ September 7, 2012 01:05 (CLT)

It is 2015 and NASA is planning a mission to the new space station, Skyhook.

When space veteran J. J. "Jim" Hendricks keeps failing the pre-flight test scenarios he is grounded, which he reacts to by resigning.

So NASA takes the opportunity to get some repairs done to the space station and sends up its agent Amanda.

Also on the mission is agent Federov and his companions, soon Amanda discovers that the computer isn't broken, it's been sabotaged.

Soon Federov hijacks the mission and demands Russia pulls back their invading army from his home country of Tajikistan or he will blow up world cities with satellites he now controls.


  • Daniel Baldwin
  • Frank Zagarino
  • Teri Ann Linn
  • Scott Valentine
  • John Reilly
  • Hannes Jaenicke

Directed by: Rodney McDonald

Rating: PG-13 for violence