• Publication date: June 7, 2011

Eastern Promises Eastern Promises

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Eastern Promises is a drama-thriller about a midwife in London who to her ...

Eastern Promises is a drama-thriller about a midwife in London who to her peril unwittingly stumbles into an underground Russian sex trafficking ring. An unidentified Russian teen has been rushed to a London hospital after going into labor. Though midwife Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts) does manage to deliver a healthy baby girl, the newborn's mother dies tragically during delivery. But the deceased mother's secrets do not die with her as she has left behind a diary. Determined to ensure the newborn is placed with her rightful family, Anna attempts to read the diary and discovers a business card for a local restaurant therein. Upon visiting the restaurant Anna is greeted by kindly owner Semyon (Mueller-Stahl), who generously offers to translate it for her. But Semyon is not what he appears to be, and before long Anna begins to fear that the child could be in great danger. Semyon admits to Anna that the diary contains information about his son Kirill that could land the volatile offspring in jail despite the fact that Kirill is at heart a good person. As the truth begins to unfold and Anna begins to believe that Kirill and his driver Nikolai -an ambitious man seeking to ascend the ranks of the notorious Russian mafia - mean the baby harm, an underworld storm begins to brew that could consume all involved. Eastern Promises won 24 festival awards and an Oscar nomination for Best Performance in a Lead Role (Mortensen). The movie is rated R.