• Publication date: March 7, 2012

Dragonworld: The Legend Continues

With the evil Dark Knight waiting in the wings, it's up to boy wizard Johnny to protect his friend Yowler, who is the only dragon left on Earth.

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Duration: 90

Production Year: 1999

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March 15, 2012 06:00 (KSA) ~ March 15, 2012 05:00 (CLT)

In the remote Scottish Highlands, a place steeped in myth and mystery, lives a boy wizard. His name is John McGowen and his only true friend is Yowler, the last dragon on Earth.

But Yowler is in terrible danger. His arch enemy, the Dark Knight, has returned and is determined to slay the dragon.

The Dark Knight wants to use the magical powers of the creature's blood to unleash a new age of darkness on the planet.

Only young John can save Yowler...and so begins the ultimate battle between good and evil.


  • Drake Bell
  • Andrew Keir
  • James Ellis
  • Tina Martin
  • Judith Paris

Directed by: Ted Nicolaou