• Publication date: March 27, 2018


The last dragon and a disillusioned dragon-slaying knight must cooperate to stop an evil king who was given partial immortality.

  • Publication date: March 27, 2018


Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 1996

MBC 2:

March 27, 2018 15:15 (KSA) ~ March 27, 2018 14:15 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Bowen is a Knight who is summoned by Queen Aislinnto the bedside of her son, Einon, who is also Bowen's student.

Einonis wounded and is near death, Bowen calls upon Draco, the mightiest dragon in the land, asking for a sliver of his heart so that the boy might survive.

Draco makes Bowen pledge that when Enion becomes king, he will rule with fairness before the beast will donate a piece of his heart.

Einon agrees but years later as an adult he becomes a cruel despot.

Bowen, angry at Einon's betrayal, is convinced that the dragon is somehow responsible and goes on a dragon killing spree.


  • Dennis Quaid
  • Sean Connery
  • David Thewlis
  • Pete Postlethwaite
  • Dina Meyer
  • Jason Isaacs
  • Brian Thompson
  • Julie Christie

Directed by: Rob Cohen

Rating: PG-13 for action/violence