• Publication date: July 20, 2012

Diary of a Serial Killer

A journalist hunts for a serial killer who murdered her mother years ago.

Program data

Duration: 75

Production Year: 2008

MBC Max:

August 12, 2014 22:00 (KSA) ~ August 12, 2014 21:00 (CLT)

Laura (Chloe Snyder) is a journalist whose mother was slain by a vicious serial killer.  The same madman appears to have struck again, this time murdering a young woman in her own apartment.  The serial killer is unlike others before him, and lacks a singular motive or modus operandi.  Instead, he imitates history's most infamous killers, such as Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ed Gein.

Laura pieces clues together to locate him, hoping to avenge her mother's death.  In the process, however, the killer lures the reporter into his reach.  Can Laura outsmart him, or will she become yet another victim?


  • Bruce Robert Cole
  • Chloe Snyder
  • Jessica Aldridge
  • Andreas Beckett

Directed by: Andy Hurst

Rating: Rated R for strong sadistic violence and torture, language, nudity, some sexual and drug content.